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 Gila - Free Electric Sound by GILA album cover Studio Album, 1971
4.13 | 177 ratings

Gila - Free Electric Sound
Gila Krautrock

Review by DamoXt7942
Forum & Site Admin Group Avant, Crossover & Neo Teams

5 stars A Krautrock kingship based upon improvisational sound flexibility released in 1971, a golden year for progressive rock scene. As every Krautrock fan knows, GILA were one of Krautrock legends around 1970 regardless of their short activity. They played in the same vein of other German psychedelic improvisation units in those days (especially in the longest track "Kommunikation" founded as a spacey jam with low-fi shoegaze electric guitar madness and lazy rhythm section production), but they added not only electronic texture but also colourful sound / melody variations to their vision. The epilogue "Kollektivitat - Individualitat" has pleasant electric guitar-oriented ethnicity in the former part and rich improvised soundscape via spiritual inspiration plus volume of electronic weirdness in the latter. In "Kontakt" are two important, impressive exhibitions - heavenly ambience mainly by avantgarde mellotron plays and repetitive, hallucinogenic acoustic guitar-based comfort. "Kollaps" sounds just like a sequential collapse in the whole life of human beings - a baby's crying should be quite effective here. "Agression", just as the title says, is sorta active and aggressive one featuring flexible and delightful keyboard excess blended with powerful ritualistic guitar sounds. Various sound appearances you can hear via "Free Electric Sound" recommended for all progressive rock fans.


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 A Farewell To Kings by RUSH album cover Studio Album, 1977
4.32 | 2024 ratings

A Farewell To Kings
Rush Heavy Prog

Review by ProgMetaller2112

5 stars After the success of the previous record (2112), Rush was finally able to breathe. They no longer had the record company on their backs anymore. They finally were able to do what they wanted without hearing it from their label. What did they end up recording after 2112? Well, one of their most beloved and influential albums, 1977's A Farewell to Kings. Prior to the release of this record some prog fans were still not really on board with Rush (even with the release of 2112). They were not really on board because they were not super complex or proggy. Prog to me is very subjective, but that's me digressing and rambling on a different topic. Also, let's face it people, prog fans can be pretty snobby. Anyway, this all changed with A Farewell to Kings. Not only did that change. The band also changed. They changed and matured before our eyes. They started using instruments that they previously never used (such as the wind chimes, tubular bells, synthesizers, etc). They were now exploring what they had potential with to begin with but did not have the means to do so (I don't know if that made sense). Starting with A Farewell to Kings, Rush's music grew exponentially and became more expansive. On to the actual review of the album right?? Let's get this going!!

1) A Farewell to Kings - Just like on 2112, the title track opens up the record. This one is very different though as it begins with Alex playing some acoustics. It is soon followed by some lush percussives and synthesizers (just listen to that interplay, oh my...) before becoming a loud rocker. It is quite a feat and I absolutely love it. I love how it ends. It ends with Geddy singing the following lyrics "Can't we find the minds to lead us, closer to the heart (clearly referencing another track off the album). A very dynamic opener to this album. Fantastic track. 10/10

2) Xanadu - This one is hands down one of my all time favorites tracks ever. Not just in Prog but in music altogether. It's build is unlike anything I have heard (even King Crimson's intro to Larks' Tongues in Aspic doesn't match it for me). It is an amazing song. You just have to listen to it to understand what I am talking about. Listen to it now if you haven't already done so. 10/10

3) Closer to the Heart - A big hit for the band and absolute classic. It is also one of the band's best songs. I know it has been played over and over again but it still has the same power that it did when it first came out. I love everything about it. 10/10

4) Cinderella Man - This is Rush in full effect and with their foot on the gas pedal. It has the band's signature written all over it. A simple yet very complex song. I especially love the instrumental playing. Musically, a fiery track. 10/10

5) Madrigal - To some this is the low point of the album. Not to me though. I see it as the calm before the storm (I am of course talking the following track and one that we will be talking about next!). It's a very unique track in the Rush discography as nothing sounds quite like it. 10/10

6) Cygnus X-1 - Wow! This one! What a way to end the album. I don't have much to say about it. It makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up! This track has given me the goosebumps on more than a few occasions. If the hairs on the back of your neck didn't or don't stand up you are simply not a human being! This is my absolute favorite ending to any album ever (that's saying something). Perfect. 10/10

Overall, I think that this album is an absolute masterpiece. About as perfect as a band can get. If I could give it a higher rating I would but I can't. 5 stars easily!! Peace out!!


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 The Black Hole by HAMADRYAD album cover Studio Album, 2017
4.03 | 24 ratings

The Black Hole
Hamadryad Eclectic Prog

Review by Rivertree
Special Collaborator PSIKE Team & Band Submissions

4 stars HAMADRYAD, another band under observation since years, as I preferably liked their prolific live performances. The current studio album now tops it all. Quite an eclectic mix, where a heavy rocking behaviour is enriched due to trickiness and a lot of jazzy and spacey moments. So this partially sounds like, yes, inspired by Race Against The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers or maybe Spin Doctors, though simply not reduced to that. On the other hand, since going into So By Your Side there is also a slight Genesis flair to detect in between, which carries forward 'til the end. Jean-Francois Desilets' punchy and funky bass strikes above all when listening to this band coming from Montreal.

Wow, just take Dark Souls, so much energy pushed towards the prog community! And the following groover Crash turns out to be my album highlight. Ideally suited for your next party! 'Please awaken me ...' - The Worst Is Yet To Come offers beautiful acoustic guitars contributed by Denis Jalbert. The song appears in a more psychedelic and symphonic outfit overall, somewhat provoking as for the execution, because not in the least matching with the track title. Amora Demonis 2017 finally is a reworked version from their debut 16 years ago. Overall about 50 minutes of real challenge, recommended!


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 Pat Metheny Group: Offramp by METHENY , PAT album cover Studio Album, 1981
4.23 | 116 ratings

Pat Metheny Group: Offramp
Pat Metheny Jazz Rock/Fusion

Review by Warthur
Prog Reviewer

4 stars Updating the fusion sound for the 1980s, the Pat Metheny Group's Offramp benefits greatly from the crystal-clear production values which jazz fans have come to expect from anything hailing from the ECM stable. Brazilian rhythms intermingle with more art-pop influences - think Remain In Light-era Talking Heads gone jazz. (Or perhaps, for a more fusion-specific example, think of how Eno's Another Green World influenced the formation and early sound of Brand X, and then imagine that the Metheny Group had been similarly sonically influenced by My Life In the Bush of Ghosts.) Perhaps key to the sonic departure and development here is Metheny's adoption of a synth guitar, with his experiments with it here adding a new texture to the Group's sound and a new tool in the fusion toolbox.


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 LuxAde by MASCHERA DI CERA, LA album cover Studio Album, 2006
4.01 | 147 ratings

La Maschera Di Cera Rock Progressivo Italiano

Review by Warthur
Prog Reviewer

4 stars La Maschera di Cera may be only one of many projects by Finisterre bassist Fabio Zuffanti, but it should be the first port of call for anyone seeking to find new music in the classic Italian prog style of the 1970s. Zuffanti and his colleagues assemble a grand collection of vintage gear (just look at Agostino Macor's range of keyboards, synths, and other electronic toys - there's even a theremin!) and put out an album which, if they'd told me it had been left in a vault for 30 years, I could easily be fooled.

Which isn't to say that this is a pure nostalgia trip, mind - LuxAde interweaves dark majesty approached only, perhaps, by the most thunderous moments of Banco del Mutuo Soccorso with strands of great beauty in a mixture which is the band's own. Very much worth it for all Rock Progressivo Italiano fans.


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 2112 by RUSH album cover Studio Album, 1976
4.11 | 1917 ratings

Rush Heavy Prog

Review by ProgMetaller2112

5 stars We have arrived at a point in Rush history where the band finally started to pick up steam (both from an artistic and musical standpoint as well as for the band's record company). Even though their record company did not particularly like the brand of music that they made they still had them signed but it did not seem like they would for long. From a historical standing this album was the most important in the band's discography as it was a bit of an ultimatum for the band. The record company threatened to drop them from their label if it didn't succeed and produce the results that they wanted. The guys were saying "if this is our last hurrah then so be it! We are going out in a blaze of glory!" What happened afterwards turned out to be one of the most triumphant moments in music and artistic history (a huge victory for artistic freedom!!) . It turned out that the band was right. Their record label did not and has not told them anything ever since this album was released! On to the review of the actual album right?

1) 2112 - The album opens up with the title track and it is a song of epic proportions. It starts off rather spacey for a bit but then it turns into a heavy hitter filled with plenty of energy, vigor and power. Even though it is not as complicated as future epics this one still packs a wallop as it goes through about 6 different portions of song (I am particularly fond of the Presentation portion of the song) with plenty of heavy moments. It not only has those heavy moments though it also has light and delicate moments (I love the light and shade that this band is able to pull off). With tracks such as these you know the band is able to pull off epic suites similar to the ones that Genesis and Yes were doing but also very different!. This is a Rush and early Prog Metal classic. 10/10

2) A Passage to Bangkok - I believe this one is about the use of drugs ( a subject matter that I am not too keen on). However, despite the subject matter the band was able to pull off a track that was very memorable. Alex shines quite a bit on it. The ending to this track demonstrates to us why Rush is so beloved. I don't think it is perfect but it's still really good. 9/10

3) The Twilight Zone - I love this track. I love how spacey it sounds (just listen to that intro!!). Everything about it is awesome from the guitars to the interplay between Geddy and Neil. It is complex but not too much. It ends in a rather mysterious manner (epic soloing from Alex). 10/ 10

4) Lessons - The jumpy song off of the album. Musically it is a very animated and lively piece. While listening to it you just know that Rush are players of the highest quality and this song demonstrates to that to a tee. Perfect track in my opinion. Grade A playing. I love it. 10/10

5) Tears - This one is absolutely breathtaking! On it the band takes to you to a place where they never have taken you. Neil takes a bit of a back seat (he drums a bit but not too much) to Geddy and Alex on this one. It has some very haunting yet beautiful guitar, bass and mellotron. It is probably my favorite track on the album. 10/10

6) Something for Nothing - This one is very much a high energy piece and thunderous track (you could tell that the band was trying to get it out of their system). I know I keep saying that Rush are the Fathers of Prog Metal (it is debatable though) but they really have all of the prerequisites and they fit the criteria. This is a song that demonstrates that even more. Even though it is a bit repetitive it still cooks especially during the ending. 10/10

Overall, I feel 2112 is a classic Rush album and one of the very first Progressive Metal albums. Highly recommended especially for those who like heavier prog music. You might still like it as a regular prog fan though. 5 stars!! Peace out!!


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 Caress Of Steel by RUSH album cover Studio Album, 1975
3.54 | 1168 ratings

Caress Of Steel
Rush Heavy Prog

Review by ProgMetaller2112

5 stars By early to mid 1975, the Canadian Prog trio Rush already had two albums under their belts (Rush and Fly by Night). Their debut (simply entitled Rush) did ok by record company standards but Fly by Night was a little different. They (the band's record label) were not too thrilled about it. Their record label was not buying the music that they were making as they pretty much wanted Rush to be a top 40 radio hit rock band. The band did not want to as they simply refused to conform to their record company demands. We then got yet another "odd recording," Caress of Steel was the result. With 1975's Caress of Steel, the band had pretty much arrived at a low point (in terms of sales and reception from critics and the record company). It was not doing so well. They even half-heartedly and jokingly dubbed their Caress of Steel tour the "Down the Tubes tour." However, it was not the case with everyday people listening to the band's music as the band was also gaining somewhat of a devoted and loyal following (this didn't become as evident until the next album). This album has tended to be somewhat of a divider between Rush fans though. Some love it, some hate it. How do I feel about it? Let's see. On to the actual review of the recording, 1975's Caress of Steel.

1) Bastille Day - The album opens up with the heavy and raucous track with Lee belting out the lyrics soon after. The bass, the drums and guitars are in full effect and I find it to be yet another perfect example of early Progressive Metal(I believe Rush to be the Fathers of the genre but it is certainly debatable) You could tell that the band was working hard to perfect this track. It has a great and memorable melodious chorus and ending. One of the tracks that made me fall in love with this band's music. 10/10

2) I Think I'm Going Bald - This track follows Bastille Day and it is yet another loud and raucous rocker. Although the lyrics are a complete cheesefest the metalhead in me is quite fond of the rocking nature of this song. Though a bit on the underdeveloped side I still enjoy it somewhat. It is my least favorite track on the album. 7/10

3) Lakeside Park - With this track we get something that sounds a little similar to something off of Fly by Night but also different, more refined and more melodious with Lee's bass carrying the song (for me at least). The ending to this track is absolutely outstanding with Lee sincerely singing the following lines: "Everyone would gather, on the 24th of May, sitting in the sand to watch the fireworks display. Dancing fires on the beach, singing songs together, though it's just a memory some memories last forever." You could tell that the band was trying harder. It's not super complex but I love this track. 10/ 10

Now we get to the most controversial part of the album. The part where some tune out. For me however, it's what makes the album quite an experience. On with the following 2 tracks no??

4) The Necromancer - When I first heard this Rush epic I was instantly amazed by it as I had not heard anything like it (not even by Pink Floyd, the band that pretty much started my Prog listening adventure). This track begins in a rather dark and foreboding manner with some Gilmouresque solos from Alex (It reminds me a bit of a track off of The Wall or Animals by Pink Floyd (this album was released a good 2 and 4 years earlier respectively though)) before becoming an explosive and very heavy track (Led Zeppelin and even Black Sabbath eat your hearts out). The band goes bonkers for a bit (with some piercing playing by Lifeson, Lee and Peart) before it calms down. The ending to this track is absolutely gorgeous. I find it to be yet another perfect example of early Progressive Metal. Rush are the Fathers of the genre I tell you.10/10

5) The Fountain of Lamneth - This track is the mammoth of the album and I adore it. Starts off with some beautiful acoustic guitar work from Lifeson before becoming yet another explosive track. Peart afterwards delivers a thunderous drum solo that I quite enjoy. The track then becomes a haunting number when it heads to the No One at the Bridge portion. The band delivers some fantastic work on this portion of the song (very, very epic). Personally, I find this track to be an absolute work of art. I knew that when I first heard this track I knew I found my type of music. I love, love, love it. 10/10

Overall, despite what the band says about it and despite what the record company and critics say. I find it to be an ambitious work of art that should be in everyone's prog collection. Highly recommended especially for those who like heavier progressive music. 5 stars!!


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 16 by MEDINA AZAHARA album cover Boxset/Compilation, 2017
3.18 | 2 ratings

Medina Azahara Symphonic Prog

Review by TenYearsAfter


Medina Azahara is a very popular and interesting Spanish rock band that exists for almost 40 years: they were founded in 1979 and this spring 2018 Medina Azahara will give a serie of concerts in Spain (from Cordoba to Madrid). The only founding member in the recent line-up is the tall singer Manuel Marti­nez, who looks like a cross between David Byron and a Viking. But guitarist Francisco 'Paco' Ventura is another Medina Azahara veteran, he plays in the band for almost three decades (since 1989). Back to the late Seventies, singer Manuel Martinez and four other musicians wanted to make rock music, inspired by Deep Purple, Pink Floyd and Uriah Heep . The young band embraced the Rock Andaluz movement (from Andalusia in Southern Spain, blending the distinctive ethnic flamenco and rock music), speerheaded by legendary Triana. This was an important influence on their eponymous debut album from 1979. However, from their second album La Esquina Del Viento (1980) Medina Azahara turned into more harder-edged and catchy melodic rock with fiery guitar, functional keyboards and emotional Spanish vocals as their trademark. But due to the passionate Spanish vocals (with flamenco hints) and the colouring with Morish accents by the guitar and keyboards, their music kept nice Rock Andaluz undertones. To emphasize Medina Azahara their prog tendencies, the band also collaborated with: new flamenco guitar hero Vicente Amigo (.. en Al- Hakim, 1989), African musicians (Tanger, 1998), the Cordoba Symphony Orchestra (Aixa, 2003) and the Sevillian band Fondo Flamenco (La Memoria Perdida, 2012).

Of course this comprehensive compilation (although I miss the 'stage favorites' Busca and Otono) contains their most famous track Paseando Por La Mezquita. This has become the 'Rock Andaluz anthem': a known and propulsive flamenco chord is played with a powerful electric guitar, accompanied by catchy synthesizer flights featuring a strong Morish flavour and topped with passionate Spanish vocals, very exciting! Another 'must' is the inclusion of a Triana song (their strongest influence, especially on the first album), here we can enjoy a great rendition of Abre La Puerta: intense flamenco guitar, heavy guitar riffs, sumptuous organ and a sparkling synthesizer solo, what a wonderful tribute. The songs Palabras De Libertad, Necesito Respirar, Tierra De Libertad and Velocidad epitomize Medina Azahara their harder-edged and catchy up-tempo rock. To my delight this compilation also contains two tracks with flamenco guitarist Vicente Amigo from the album ... En El-Hakim: Al Hakim... Otro Lugar (a Morish climate, expressive Spanish vocals and Mark Kelly-like synthesizer flights) and the compelling Desde Corrdoba (captivating interplay between flamenco - and electric guitar). Other interesting compositions are Cordoba (with the Cordoba Symphonic Orchestra, along moving electric guitar runs) and Danza Al Viento (Medina Azahara rock mixed with African percussion), both showcase the adventurous side from Medina Azahara.

If you like harder-edged melodic rock with prog tendencies (including the Rock Andaluz sound) and passionate Spanish vocals, this compilation is a way to discover the special Medina Azahara sound.

My rating: 3,5 star.


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 Cold Dark Place by MASTODON album cover Singles/EPs/Fan Club/Promo, 2017
2.88 | 20 ratings

Cold Dark Place
Mastodon Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by Rivertree
Special Collaborator PSIKE Team & Band Submissions

3 stars It is said that this EP originally was conceived as a Brent Hinds solo album. Die-hard MASTODON fans might be disappointed or maybe even upset. No reason to be biased though, as this is my first encounter with the band, for what I can remember. And, if well crafted, I do like such stuff in general. Anyway, heavy prog songs are given here, the focus is more on melody and atmosphere instead of shredding, brachial, thrashy metal riffs. Well, this move is not really surprisingly new, other bands like Opeth or Pain Of Salvation are brothers in arms here. Who really is keen on being repetitive in style again and again? And so the opening song North Side Star delivers a somewhat southern rock style, amongst other things due to the use of a pedal steel guitar.

The title track even unfolds a slight psychedelic orientation, multiple acoustic and electric guitar input plus extraordinary solo right towards the end. Super! If there is a minus ever, unfortunately the cover picture is too much darkened when it comes to me. Yes, this matches to the global design according to the album title. But you are not really able to explore the painting's expensive details, too bad. Though the main conclusion is that 'Cold Dark Place' offers four enjoyable songs in a highly melodic heavy rocking manner, coming closer to bands like Magnum, Tiles, Zip Tang instead of genuine prog metal. 3.5 stars.


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 Variety by THINK album cover Studio Album, 1973
3.75 | 35 ratings

Think Krautrock

Review by maryes

3 stars Just as said Prog Reviewer MELLOTRON STORM in your Review #285532 An interesting collage of some very influential bands of early 70's prog rock bands, like Jethro Tull, Pink Floyd, King Crimson etc.. They produces a musical landscape between jazzy, heavy and psych prog. The best moments of whole album as track 1 "Variety" with a some type of orchestral interludes provided by violin ,viola and flute mixed with a solid organ/electric guitar accompaniment mixed with jazzy/rock/country passages. The other detached moment is track 3 "Drops" with very psychedelic moments which heavy prog interaction with a strong type of guitar "riff" in Deep Purple or Led Zeppelin vein ! The worst moment is track 5 "Last Door" with a "Caribean" hints, which in my opinion don't fits in the rest of album ! My rate is 3 stars !!!


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