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DRUDKH is a Ukrainian tech/extreme prog metal band which formed in 2003. They have a very unique sound that few other bands can capture. They combine folk metal, black metal and add in some progressive elements. DRUDKH is notoriously known for being rather secretive, giving no interviews, in addition to never putting their lyrics in the liner notes.

As for their music, they have released 7 albums as of now, and their style has become more progressive in the last few albums, while maintaining their black metal roots. Roman Saenko is the mastermind behind this band, and has really pulled off some excellent progressive black metal albums.

DRUDKH will surely appeal to progressive metal fans, and they have some excellent progressive black metal albums.

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DRUDKH discography

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DRUDKH top albums (CD, LP, MC, SACD, DVD-A, Digital Media Download)

3.16 | 21 ratings
Forgotten Legends
4.06 | 41 ratings
Autumn Aurora
3.35 | 14 ratings
Лебединий шлях (The Swan Road)
4.19 | 27 ratings
Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells)
2.42 | 15 ratings
Пісні скорботи і самітності (Songs of Grief and Solitude)
4.23 | 13 ratings
Відчуженість (Estrangement)
3.17 | 18 ratings
3.22 | 17 ratings
Пригорща зірок (Handful of Stars)
3.71 | 16 ratings
Вічний оберт колеса (Eternal Turn of the Wheel)
3.94 | 22 ratings
Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short)
5.00 | 1 ratings
Їм часто сниться капіж / They Often See Dreams About the Spring

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3.75 | 4 ratings
Eastern Frontier In Flames

DRUDKH Official Singles, EPs, Fan Club & Promo (CD, EP/LP, MC, Digital Media Download)

2.04 | 5 ratings
2.75 | 4 ratings
Slavonic Chronicles
0.00 | 0 ratings
Thousands of Moons Ago / The Gates
0.00 | 0 ratings
Той, хто говорить з імлою (One Who Talks with the Fog) / Pyre Era, Black!
0.00 | 0 ratings
Drudkh - Зраджені сонцем (Betrayed by the Sun) / Grift - Hägringar (Mirages)

DRUDKH Reviews

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 Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short) by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2015
3.94 | 22 ratings

Борозна обірвалася (A Furrow Cut Short)
Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by CassandraLeo

5 stars Drudkh's finest release in years, A Furrow Cut Short is a throwback to the band's Forgotten Legends/Autumn Aurora style, but with the added maturity that an additional 12 years' worth of musicianship brings. The album is Drudkh's longest release to date, and the songs are of suitable scale to match; only one track is shorter than seven minutes in length, and only two are below eight. The songwriting is some of Drudkh's strongest in years, possibly since Estrangement or Blood in Our Wells, and the performances are consistently compelling throughout.

The uninitiated should be warned that this is unapologetically a black metal release, so people who aren't fond of blast beats, tremolo picking, harsh vocals, and other hallmarks of the genre won't find a lot to like here. But for those who are fond of the style, this is a superb black metal release with some progressive hallmarks that offers a lot of rewards for listeners.

 Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells) by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2006
4.19 | 27 ratings

Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells)
Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by CassandraLeo

5 stars If Autumn Aurora was where Drudkh developed their signature sound, Blood in Our Wells is the point at which they progged the hell out. Of the five actual songs on this album, four top the nine-minute mark with ease. All of them are comprised of multiple interlocking sections and most of them feature lengthy instrumental passages with extensive guitar solos (a relative rarity in black metal, although Drudkh had used them on their earlier albums as well). The album has a more expansive, "cinematic" scope than anything they'd recorded before, and the arrangements and songwriting rise to the challenge such material demands. Some of the traditional hallmarks of black metal are toned down on this release, as well; you won't hear any blast beats here, and the use of tremolo picking is less than one might expect. (The vocals are still the expected roar, however, but rest assured, they're quite effective).

It's difficult to single out highlights with a work like this; the entire thing flows so well that it demands to be listened to in one sitting. "When the Flame Turns to Ashes" and "Eternity" may be my personal favourites, but all the material is strong.

One caveat must be mentioned with the album: the production. For unknown reasons, frequencies above 16 kHz are cut off from all CD issues of the album. (The most likely explanation is that the band lost the .wav versions of their recordings and didn't want to re-record them, but as Drudkh never give interviews and rarely interact with the public, we'll probably never know what the cause was for sure). This problem is lessened on the vinyl edition, due to the harmonic resonance effects implicit with that format. Thus, this is one album that sounds way better on vinyl (despite the fact that the second LP side runs for twenty-eight minutes). It's worth tracking down a vinyl copy of this album if at all possible, or, failing that, a vinyl rip.

Many listeners have cited this as Drudkh's finest release, and while there are times I'd be inclined to give the nod to Autumn Aurora, there are times where I'd rank this above it, too. In any case, anyone interested in progressive black metal needs to hear this.

 Лебединий шлях (The Swan Road) by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2005
3.35 | 14 ratings

Лебединий шлях (The Swan Road)
Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by CassandraLeo

4 stars After the pastoral Autumn Aurora established their signature sound, Drudkh decided to switch things up on the following album, The Swan Road. The transition is roughly comparable to what Opeth did on their third album, My Arms, Your Hearse: shorter songs, more aggressive production, and an overall increase in heaviness. The Swan Road has an abrasive production that works well for the first half of the album, which contains some of the most aggressive material Drudkh have recorded to date. But the more subdued material on the second half isn't as well served by the rather lo-fi nature of the recording (note that, as with Blood in Our Wells, there is a sharp cutoff on frequencies above 16 kHz on the CD versions, which is less severe on the vinyl editions), and comes out sounding less powerful than it might have.

The material on this album is overall a step down from both the preceding Autumn Aurora and the following Blood in Our Wells, but that's not to say that it's weak. There are plenty of memorable songs here and, if nothing else, the performances make the album worth the cost of admission. The material on the second half of the album is ill-served by the album's production, but the songs still manage to emerge fairly powerfully anyway.

It is perhaps worth noting that the final piece on the album is not performed by Drudkh; it is a solo recording of a traditional Ukrainian duma (folk song) performed by bandura player Igor Rachok. Its inclusion presages the direction Drudkh would follow on the next year's Songs of Grief and Solitude, an all-acoustic instrumental folk album.

Overall, there's not as much here for prog fans as there is on a lot of Drudkh's other albums, and perhaps not coincidentally, it's not as strong as some of those albums, either. Fans of the band are strongly urged to check it out, as are fans of black metal. People who liked their more progressive material but had reservations about the more aggressive sections of the albums may not find much to like here, however.

 Autumn Aurora by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2004
4.06 | 41 ratings

Autumn Aurora
Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by CassandraLeo

5 stars Cited by many listeners as Drudkh's finest recording, Autumn Aurora is where Drudkh announced to the world that they had more to offer than (admittedly very well executed) Burzum worship. The acoustic intro "Fading" (later reprised as the ambient synth piece "The First Snow") announces to the world Drudkh's mission statement: a pastoral acoustic guitar lick performed over nature sound effects (chirping birds and the like). This nicely sets the tone for the rest of the album's ruminative meditation on the transition of autumn into winter.

"Summoning the Rain" and "Glare of Autumn" are next, and they are effectively two movements of the same piece. Autumn Aurora is the band's first release to use atmospheric synthesizers, and they are deployed to full effect to texture a beautiful electric guitar lick that has very little rooting in black metal. Thurios' howls provide one of the few extreme metal touches to this piece, which is mostly midtempo and, when the transition to "Glare of Autumn" occurs, redeploys the acoustic guitars found on "Fading".

"Sunwheel" supplies another surprise, with an upbeat major-key riff leading off the piece and setting the mood for the first half of the song. The expected black metal vocals are still found here, but the mood of the piece remains upbeat. It isn't until the second half of the song that the mood changes to a more downcast one, with gloomy synths and guitars over a largely ambient background (few vocals to be found here). The piece fades out over a wind sound effect, which (on the CD) leads into what for me is the strongest song Drudkh have ever recorded, "Wind of the Night Forests". (They're separated by a side division on the vinyl, so there's a fade-out and fade-in, with the wind sound effects remaining).

"Wind of the Night Forests" is perhaps the single most central composition to the album's meditation on the onset of winter. The performances and composition here are top-notch; Yuriy Sinitsky's drumming has to be singled out for particular praise. When people tell you black metal can be beautiful, this is the kind of song they're talking about.

"The First Snow" finishes off the album. As mentioned above, it's an ambient piece that reprises the album's intro. There are no vocals here, and even the guitars are reduced to a background rôle. The song is heavily based in repetition, but it's highly unlikely listeners will mind; repetition is indeed central to the song's concept. It's stunningly beautiful, and a perfect way to finish off the album.

There was a time when I would listen to this album every night before I slept, because it has a perfect nocturnal mood that is perfect for subduing the listener. I don't listen to it that often anymore, but it's still in regular rotation in my playlist, and it probably always will be. I'm not sure whether this is Drudkh's finest moment (Blood in Our Wells has a strong claim to that title as well), but it's a stunning record and deserves to be heard by anyone even remotely interested in black metal.

 Forgotten Legends by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2003
3.16 | 21 ratings

Forgotten Legends
Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by CassandraLeo

5 stars Drudkh's first album, Forgotten Legends, is a black metal classic. It's not exactly a début, because the band members had worked together before in the significantly darker (and less prog-oriented) Hate Forest, which they would disband not too long after this release due to their growing distaste for the authoritarian politics with which Hate Forest was associated. Forgotten Legends represents a more melodic and epic approach to the genre than anything Hate Forest had recorded, although the slower tempi found on Forgotten Legends can also be found on Hate Forest's Battlefields, which is the odd man out in HF's discography for being a concept album about war (spoiler: it's hell), being almost doom metal in execution, and containing several traditional Ukrainian folk pieces (presaging a direction Drudkh would later pursue further with their all-acoustic Songs of Grief and Solitude).

For all that they emerged fully formed on their first album, Drudkh hadn't fully developed their sound yet when they recorded this album. The production is cruder than what people would later come to expect from them (and the tape speed is slightly off, which will annoy people who try to play along on piano or guitar). The songs are also simpler, being comprised of fewer riffs despite lasting for nine to sixteen minutes each ("Smell of Rain", the album's outro, consists purely of rain and thunder sound effects). This is old-school ambient black metal in the Burzum vein, with fewer of the progressive elements Drudkh would bring to the foreground in their later releases. But the songwriting and performances are top-notch, with Yuriy Sinitsky's drumming in particular standing out as superb.

This isn't Drudkh's best release - many listeners tend to point to either the band's sophomore effort, Autumn Aurora, or Blood in Our Wells, their fourth, as the band's high water mark, while Estrangement currently has the highest rating among their discography on this web site (apart from the new album, which is likely to drop as more people review it). But for fans of old school ambient black metal, Forgotten Legends has a lot to offer, and is strongly recommended for inclined listeners. Listeners who enjoyed the band's most recent release, A Furrow Cut Short, are especially urged to check this out, as this release is a close cousin to that album in many ways.

 Вічний оберт колеса (Eternal Turn of the Wheel) by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2012
3.71 | 16 ratings

Вічний оберт колеса (Eternal Turn of the Wheel)
Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by colorofmoney91
Prog Reviewer

4 stars A return to form that takes slight influence from, but is a great improvement over Handful of Stars.

Ukrainian band Drudkh have been pumping out some of the best raw Burzum-esque black metal for almost a decade now. Their sound is dreamy and autumnal while remaining predominantly raw and heavy. Their previous album, Handful of Stars, however, being entirely post-rocky shoegaze black metal, was kind of a disappointment for their fans. Upon hearing that album, I became confused and scared for Drudkh's future. It seems now that there was no reason to fear.

Eternal Turn of the Wheel takes its name from a song on their debut album, Forgotten Legends, signifying that this is a return to form album along with the music that this album contains. The angry, melancholic, cold, nature-inspired black metal sound is back in full force, but I'd be lying if I said the post-black metal guitar tones from the previous album are completely gone. Compared to albums like the masterful Autumn Aurora and similarly breathtaking Estrangement, the guitars on this album sound somewhat cleaner (though always filtered through raw black metal distortion), similar to the electric tone during the heavier parts of an Agalloch album. Still black enough to satisfy fans of straight-up black metal, this new tone adds considerably to the dreaminess in Drudkh's sound, though it's very possible that this would also make long-time fans still worry about the band's future output.

In addition to the newer guitar tone, this album showcases very well the steadily improving skills of drummer Vlad; as per the black metal standard, Eternal Turn of the Wheel is full of relentless blastbeating, but Vlad does a great job at sounding varied and very muscular while attacking the kit. Also, as per the usual black metal standard, the vocals are delivered in a blackened, heathenish shout (nothing special). It is the bassist, however, who offers up my favorite moment on this album; he delivers a fantastically groovy bassline at the beginning of "Night Woven of Snow, Winds and Grey-Haired Stars" that sounds more like Chi Cheng from Deftones on the song "MX", and it is placed perfectly in the mix -- above everything else. On the other songs, the bass is audible while it thumps away steadily alongside the guitar melodies, but overall doesn't stick out too much.

The progressiveness of this album lies mainly in the construction of each song rather than in flashy showmanship. The track lengths each run over eight minutes (except the obligatory intro track) and goes through multiple repetitive and heavy atmospheric passages that beat themselves into your mind. For people unfamiliar with black metal and its progressive version, this album may just sound like constant offensive noise, but given close attention, this album can be as atmospheric and beautiful as the post-metal and post-rock genres that so heavily influenced the previous album.

The main problem with Eternal Turn of the Wheel is that it does seem to be slightly less energetic and inspired as Drudkh's classic albums, which kind of seems inevitable given the extent of this band's discography in only nine years. Regardless, this album is a huge improvement over the boring post-black metal shoegaze compositions of Handful of Stars that seemed to lead to nowhere except down a road of disappointment for the fans of the classic Autumn Aurora. With Drudkh's attempt at experimentation shot down entirely by a huge majority of their fans, the band forced themselves to attempt recreating the cold, autumnal atmosphere of past efforts, only to come up sounding a bit short of their goal. Despite the lack of intensity and atmosphere of their back catalogue, this is still a good album put out by one of this decade's most revered black metal darlings.

 Microcosmos by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2009
3.17 | 18 ratings

Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by Prog Sothoth
Collaborator Prog Metal Team

3 stars I'm not sure how to properly pronounce the name Drudkh, but it sounds like a noise I would make into a handkerchief. This band belongs on that part of the black metal spectrum that focuses on atmosphere, ambience and subject matters invoking concepts of nature and general moodiness as opposed to Satan worshipping mayhem with raw angry riffs. Years from now I would not be surprised if bands like this one, Alcest, WiiTR and others are regarded as some sort of different genre entirely rather than black metal itself.

Microcosmos has an almost shoegazing aspect to their music, with layered distorted guitars smoothly unleashing melancholic riffs, with one truly interesting aspect to their sound, that being the bass guitar. Not just in presence, but in technique and utilization, particularly during "Distant Cries of Cranes", in which the latter half of the song features bass soloing. The rhythms and tempos vary and change in an almost random fashion, which in this case is a positive aspect since this sort of droning tremolo riffage can get tiresome after awhile without occurrences to shake things up. There's also some guitar soloing and mellow passages to add variety to these tunes, and the album is bookended by folksy instrumentals.

Vocals are of a mid to high range growl as opposed to a more hysterical shriek normally associated with black metal, which is fine but gets monotonous as the album wears on. With not much variation in tone and volume level, the vocals seem more as just a means in which to display the lyrics into the song rather than an important piece of each song's construction. Production overall is fairly high quality going by black metal standards, with the drums loud and clear without overpowering the guitars whatsoever.

Strength-wise, "Distant Cries of Cranes" and "Everything Unsaid Before" are the most memorable cuts to me, possessing all of the best qualities of this album's ideas into two strong tracks that sound dissimilar from each other while sharing the mutual overall style and instrumentation. The remaining tracks are not bad by any means, but merely more of the same but at a less enticing level to my ears. Microcosmos is a fine addition to those fully immersed in their genre, but for the uninitiated, it might still be worth checking out for the unorthodox structures and cool bass lines.

 Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells) by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2006
4.19 | 27 ratings

Кров у наших криницях (Blood in Our Wells)
Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by Conor Fynes
Prog Reviewer

5 stars 'Blood in Our Wells' - Drudkh (86/100)

Drudkh are a band of mixed messages. In the light of certain 'accusations', they've outwardly declared themselves to be apolitical in nature, that their music is primarily intended as a reverence of nature. That may have been true for Forgotten Legends and Autumn Aurora, but by the time of Blood in Our Wells, it's clear that that statement was forged to some degree of bull[&*!#]. The album's cover (drawn from the work of 19th century painter Vasily Perov) Romanticizes an extremely traditional way of life. The lyrics are taken from the work of Ukrainian poets. Even titling a song "Ukrainian Insurgent Army" doesn't give a lot of space to argue that Drudkh have their hearts purely set on admiring trees.

Most telling of all, however, is Drudkh's dedication of this album to the memory of Stepan Bandera, the Ukrainian nationalist fixed on claiming the Ukraine's independence throughout the Second World War. I've no doubt Drudkh have shirked away from directly discussing their politik either as a way to keep their label happy, or as a way to prevent needless hassle. And why would they want to entreat that nuisance anyway? Any talk of nationalism sparks the ire of a braindead Left, with misguided hearts set on quelling all regional, ethnic or otherwise exclusivist pride in the name of justice and tolerance. Any fan of Blood in Our Wells who somehow holds Drudkh's nationalism begrudgingly against them is probably missing the point. They're certainly capable of creating masterpieces purely inspired by nature-- Autumn Aurora is living proof of that fact. But there's something else working on Blood in Our Wells, a tragic quality you could never feel from nature-worship alone. Much as the case was for Varg Vikernes' work in Burzum, the fact that Drudkh are so passionate about their ideology is a good part of the reason why the atmosphere on Blood in Our Wells is so rich and penetrating. They're extremely proud, sad, and angry on this album, and every minute of music here serves as testament to that fact.

When all is said, I think I'll always prefer the pristine atavism of Autumn Aurora over all else in Drudkh's discography. Blood in OUr Wells is up there however, and I don't think I'd have liked it half as much if it had continued trying to repeat the band's early glory. The unveiling of their Ukrainian pride was hinted at on The Swan Road, but it wasn't manifested full-force until this album. Here, native Ukrainian folk instrumentation is largely used between the cracks of the album's long (10~ minute) compositions. While black metal by itself isn't usually tied to a specific region, folk music often is, and the inclusion gives their black metal mainstay a greater weight as a result. With Autumn Aurora, Drudkh created a pastoral atmosphere that could be related to by anyone who felt at one with nature by themselves at some point in their life. Blood in Our Wells is far more specific to their personal identity and circumstance, and that gives it an even deeper emotional resonance.

Most all of Drudkh's ideas are good or great. That could be said in relation to any of their works. Where the superb is distinguished from the fair and middling is the way they structure those ideas. Like many in atmospheric black metal, Drudkh love to use repetition in their compositions. On Autumn Aurora, they struck a minimalist's perfection, giving each idea the time it needed to thrive. When one of their albums, like Forgotten Legends is less impressive, it's usually because they've stretched an idea out too long. Well, I can say with certainty that Blood in Our Wells has many of Drudkh's finest ingredients, with some of them (such as the gorgeous closing minutes of "When the Flame Turns to Ashes") even surpassing anything on Autumn Aurora.

Some songs, like "Furrows of Gods", are immaculately penned and structured. Despite the brilliant earthly atmosphere throughout the album, I do think some of the motifs towards the latter half of the album overstay their welcome, if only a bit. Blood in Our Wells is fifty minutes long, and it does sound like it might have fared better with a few minutes shaved off that tally. Because the album generally lurks around a driving mid-pace, I usually find myself wanting a change of speed around "Solitude" or "Eternity". I've recently come to love Blood in Our Wells , and know now that I didn't give it near as much credit as I should have when I first heard it years ago, but I'm left with the consistent impression that either or both of those tracks could have used a little trimming around the edges.

Drudkh may withhold themselves from making any explicit statements, but there's a very specific kind of melancholy at work here. The folk accompaniment and pastoral imagery carries an anger that could only be fuelled by some external anger. Even if I don't see Blood in Our Wells as the band's best, I have no problem with the fact that it's seen as the band's canonical masterpiece. What they began to work with on The Swan Road, they almost perfected with this one. Some of the melodies on this album will haunt me forever.

 Autumn Aurora by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2004
4.06 | 41 ratings

Autumn Aurora
Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by Gard3n

5 stars Drudkh's first album, despite being quite enjoyable, was too repetitive and tends to bore me if I'm not in the right mood. "Autumn Aurora" is repetitive too, but this time they know where to stop. There's enough variety here to keep the listener paying attention through the whole album. This time they have added some keyboards, a very good addition to their sound if you ask me. They are not present all the time, in fact they are little used, never seem out of place and it helps to develop the atmosphere.

The album is rather short, and when the music is as good as this case, it's double short. The drums are another thing that needs to be mentioned. You will hear no better drumming in Black Metal as in this album. The harsh vocals are quite few, and are very low in the mix. The production in general is raw, but every instrument (except the bass) can be easily recognized.

Since the acoustic "Fading", to the upbeat "Sunwheel" (perhaps my favourite song on the album) and the droning "The First Snow" (Agalloch would come 2 years later with "Our Fortress Is Burning... III - The Grain" as an album closer with the same drone style), this album is a gem within the Atmospheric Black/Folk Metal and should not be missed by those who enjoy the most extreme branches of music.

Final Score: 4,8 rounded to 5. Best Tracks: "Sunwheel", "Wind of the Night Forests" and "The First Snow".

 Вічний оберт колеса (Eternal Turn of the Wheel) by DRUDKH album cover Studio Album, 2012
3.71 | 16 ratings

Вічний оберт колеса (Eternal Turn of the Wheel)
Drudkh Tech/Extreme Prog Metal

Review by EatThatPhonebook
Prog Reviewer

3 stars 6/10

"Eternal Turn Of The Wheel" is a traditionally executed, yet pretty effective Atmospheric Black Metal.

Drudkh in 2012 are already considered Black Metal veterans. But the problem with veterans is that they get so used to the fact that they reach this status, that often they don't try as hard to make good music. Though it does, after a while, come out pretty naturally. "Eternal Turn of the Wheel" indeed feels almost effortless, in a good way, but you can tell that some of the excitement of the earlier albums is gone.

With the usual, rough production, the band delivers a pretty standard, typical Atmospheric Black Metal album, that remains extremely consistent with Drudkh's style. There is an overall less emphasis on the keyboards, which are used much more subtly. The vocals are probably the biggest change: much lower-pitched, less shrieked and a bit more human sounding, in contrast with the banshee vocals of the previous albums, a definitely interesting and quite different approach.

One of the darkest albums of the band, "Eternal Turn Of The Wheel" has a really intriguing, fascinating and gloomy atmosphere that reminds of a nocturnal, spectral, and especially, sylvan sight, where ancient ghosts roam around. The five tracks that together are only slightly more than thirty five minutes long, all feel very connected to one another, not only length-wise but also in terms of atmosphere: "Breath Of Cold Soil", "When Gods Leave Their Emerald Halls", Farewell To Autumn's Sorrowful Birds" all feel like windy, crispy tracks that aren't at all estranged from the rest of the band's discography. They still deliver great, memorable moments and haunting atmospheres.

The closing track, "Nights Woven Of Snow, Winds and Grey-Haired Star" feels a lot sludgier and crunchier, still however maintaining the chilly aura of the previous tracks. "Eternal Turn Of The Wheel" is a interesting and enjoyable Drudkh album that offers hints of originality occasionally; tradition though is a big aspect of this record, and as a consequence it doesn't feel that different or distinguishing from other releases of this legendary Ukranian band, who I personally will always follow, no matter how habitual they might become.

Thanks to J-Man for the artist addition. and to NotAProghead for the last updates

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